20 liters Rotary Evaporator

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Mã sản phẩm: 20L Rotary Evaporator

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20 liters rotary Evaporator

Electrical requirements: 220V 50/60Hz single phase, 20A, 4300 watt (rotation motor: 300 watts)
 Glass material: High borosilicate glass 3.3
 Evaporating flask: Capacity: 5.28 gallon (20 liters or 0.7 cu ft)
 Maximum load: Not to exceed 60% of the flask's capacity
 Sealing flange: 4.9" diameter
 Rotation speed: 10 to 130 rpm
 Evaporating speed: 1 gallon/hour (water), 2 gallon/hour (alcohol)
 Receiving flask: 2.64 gallon (10 liters or 0.35 cu ft)
 Condenser Glassware: Main + auxiliary triple-circulating cold traps, vertical Chilling fluid conneciton: 3/8" hose barb x 4 (2 on main + 2 on auxiliary)
 Working environment:  5 to 95°F
 Water bath
 Temperature range: ambient to 99°C (210°F)
 Temperature controller: digital
 Dimensions: 17.7" diameter x 10.2" depth x 12" height
 Material: stainless steel
 Media: distilled water only
 Max. water level: not to exceed 1" from the top rim of the bath
 Number of heaters: two
 Drain port: one
 Exterior liner: rubber

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