Dumas Protein Analyzers

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Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers

8060 is a Nitrogen, Protein Analyzer Model making use of the Dumas combustion method.
8060 is a state-of-the-art instrument for the elemental analysis based on sample combustion and separation of gases.
The N2 combustion product is quantified by a high resolution TCD detector.
CO2 is trapped in the innovative Zeoquantum system while H2O is condensed by specific Permapure trap.
Fully automatically operated: from the available samplers to the oxygen dosage, from the monitoring of consumables status to the zeolite regeneration system.
8060 Model is composed by:
- Dual furnace combustion system (for a better combustion and optimization of catalysts)
- Water extraction system by Permapure and water trap
- Carbon dioxide adsorption system by Zeoquantum
- Detection system
- Data acquisition and handling



• Fully automated analysis system
• High sensitivity, accuracy and precision
• Application flexibility and versatility
• Zeoquantum CO2 adsorption and desorption
• Simultaneous nitrogen and carbon determination
• Powerful software for results visualization from PC
• Touch-screen display for an easy settings management
• Consumables status monitoring for an optimization of catalysts usage
• Three types of samplers available : electronic, pneumatic, manual type
• Easy connection to Mass Spectrometers and other detectors for carbon stable isotopes analysis
• Low operation and management costs

Analytical and Technical Features
Type N - Proteins
Analysis Time N: 2 Min
CN: 8 Min
Analytical Range N 80 mg/C 100 mg
Accuracy* <0,2% (certified standard; purity >99.9%)
Precision* <0,1% (certified standard; purity >99.9%)
Sampler Pneumatic
autosampler 147 positions
Electronic: autosampler 32, 50 100 positions
Manual sampler -
Dual Furnace System
Safety Quick-fit
Integrated water trap
Zeoquantum CO2 adsorption and desorption system
Touch-screen display
Stand-by mode


Dimensions 98x50x37cm
Weight 78kg
Power Supply 230V, 50/60Hz
Absorbed Power 5A, 1100W.
Gas Requirements Helium (99.999% purity), 3-5 bars
Oxygen (99.999% purity), 3-5 bars
Air (oil free compressed air)


Analytical Conditions
Gas carrier Helium
Leak test Automatic leak test
Furnace temperature Left furnace :1100°C max
Right furnace: 1100°C max
Oxygen volume need Automatically calculated by the oxygen doser
Flow Rate Electronic flow rate control
Water trap Efficient and easy maintenance
Detector High Sensitivity TCD
Detector High Sensitivity TCD
Detector High Sensitivity TCD
Software data analysis EAS Clarity
Calibrations Linear, Quadratic, cubic
Active calibration As necessary


Sample size 0.1-400 mg (depending on sample nature)
up to 1 g for soil samples
Sample type Liquid
Capsule High purity tin and silver capsules




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