Sublimator 10EKS Freeze dryer

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Freeze dryer Sublimator 10EKS

Item Code: B1310000
Drying chamber:

Round drying chamber as one chamber system,
The condenser is located in the same chamber.
Dimensions: Ø600 x L1400mm.
Volume: 400l
Material: Stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404)
Surface finish inside: stained and glass-beaded
Leak rate of empty and dry chamber: <0.05mbar l / sec.
Achievable end vacuum with corresponding vacuum pump: <0.01mbar

Chamber door:
Stainless steel hinged door with glas window.
Including stainless steel door cover
Door seal made of silicone
Door lock manually
Ice condenser:
The ice condenser is located behind the shelves
Final temperature: optionally -45 ° C (B1310050-51) or -75 ° C
Material of the cooling coil: Stainless steel AISI 316L / 316TI

Measurement Technology:
Vacuum sensor: Pirani vacuum sensor
Range 0.001 ... 1000mbar
Temperature sensors:
3 flexible product probes PT100 diameter 4x30mm, silicone cable.
Additional one temperature sensor for surface area and one for condenser temperature.

Hardware: Mitsubishi FXN Industrial PLC
Operation: 7 "color touchpanel, Drytec" M "
Drying programs: 20 pieces, freely definable
Program structure:
10 Freezing stages
10 Main drying stages
10 Post-drying stages
Vacuum control:
Automated isolation valve between condensor and vacuum pump for
carrying out a vacuum control.
System setup:
Drying chamber and components are build on one
Stainless steel base frame.
Stainless steel front panel made of AISI304
This front panel is suitable for wall mounting.
In the basic version the freeze dryer is unclad.
Additional paneling is optional (B1310400).

Dimensions, weights:
Width: 980mm
Length: 1500mm
Height: 1850mm
Weight: approx. 600kg
Power connection: 400V, 3ph., 50Hz, 16A

Ice condensor -45°C(-75°C Option)

Item Code: B1310050
Cooling machine:
Air cooled refrigeration system consisting of a
Reciprocating piston Compressors
Engine power of the compressor: 0.75KW
Refrigerant R449A, GWP1397 approved according to the latest F-gases
Ice condenser:
Cooled surface: 0.5m²

Capacity condensor: 10kg / 24h
Max. condensor capacity: 15kg
Final temperature: -45°C (without load; in vacuum)
Cooling time: + 20°C to -40°C: & lt; 15 minutes
Fast defrosting by hot gas of refrigeration compressors

Liquid-controlled shelves: -40 ... + 60 ° C
Cooling floor: 1.0°C / min (in the range +20 ...- 30 ° C)
(Only in combination with shelf package B1310110)
Ambient Conditions:
Max. Heat dissipation at the installation area: 3.0KW
Max. Perm. Ambient temperature: 32 ° C
At a room temperature of + 22°C the cooling capacity is reduced
and therefore the performance.

Shelf package with 5 shelves

Item Code: B1310110
Liquid-controlled shelves
For freezing and drying of products.
Number of shelves: 5 pce
A radiation plate is located at top
Material: Stainless steel AISI 316L
Surface K120 polished
Dimensions: 420x600mm
Surface thickness: 15mm
Total area: 1.26m2
Shelf distance: 55mm
Flatness: +/- 1mm per m
Heating and cooling system:
A heat transfer oil flows through the shelves.
Temperature distribution on the shelves: Within the range of -40°C to +
30°C is 1 ° C after stabilization
Termal exchanger: plate heat exchanger
Shelves are heated by electric heating
Circulation pump: leak-free centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling

Two stage vacuum pump

Item Code: B1310320
Two-stage oil rotary vane pump
Suction capacity: 15m³/h

Final vacuum of the pump: <0.005mbar
Including oil mist filter and connecting line to the freezer dryer

One set of Product trays (5Pce)

Item Code: B1310700

Documentation software Zirbus Drylog

Item Code: B1230702
Connection of the control to a PC to collect performance data in ASCII via
RS232 or optional Ethernet interface.
The single drying circle may be recorded as .pdf or .csv files.
Temperature, pressure, steps, alarms, error messages and batch numbers
are displayed.
An automatic batch protocol can be printed out in DIN A4.
Necessary on site: PC with Windows and Access 2010.



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