150EKS Freeze Dryer

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Mã sản phẩm: 150EKS

Thương hiệu: Zirbus

Bảo hành: 12 months

Zirbus Sublimator EKS150 Freeze Dryer wih Max. condenser capacity: 200kg, Shelf area 16.2m2

Zirbus Sublimator 150EKS Freeze Dryer 

Max. condensor capacity: 200kg

Shelf area 16.2m²

Shelf Temp.: -40°C to +60°C /-55°C to +60°C

Condenser Temp.: -45°C /-75°C

One chamber system with integrated condenser behind the shelves

-  Liquid tempered controlled stainless steel shelves for freezing and drying

-  Industrial PLC control system with touchpanel

-  20 free programmable receipts

-  Integrated vacuum regulation

-  Complete stainless steel


1)Air- or watercooled compressor

2) GMP design, surfaces Ra <0,8µm electropolished

3) product trays

4) oilfree vacuum pumps

4) stainless steel housing or wall integration

5) Sealing system for vials

6) Steam sterilization SIP

7) GMP conform version, pharmaceutical sector

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