Mooney Viscometer

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Mã sản phẩm: VR-1130

Thương hiệu: Ueshima

Bảo hành: 12 Months

VR-1130 Series Mooney Viscometer: ●Measurement of Mooney viscosity for unvulcanized rubber ●Measurement of scorch time for unvulcanized rubber ●Measurement of Mooney stress relaxation for unvulcanized rubber (MODEL: VR-1132), ムーニー粘度計

Mooney Viscometer
Model: VR-1130
Shape of Die: V-shaped Groove Type (Option: Square-Shaped Groove Type)
Pressure Method: Pneumatic Cylinder
Rotor Speed: 2±0.02rpm
Shape of Rotor: L-Rotor and S-Rotor
Torque Detector: Torque Cell
Maximum Torque: 400M (33.2N・m)
Test Temperature: 50 to 200oC (Accuracy ±0.3oC)
Heating Method: (1) Film Heater 2pcs (One Each  on Upper and Lower Dies (2) Auxiliary Heater 1pce
Temperature Detector/Control
Method: Platinum Resistance  Sensor (Pt100) 3pcs / PID Digital Display  and Setting
Testing Time: (1) Mooney Measuring Time: 0 to 99.9minutes/(2) Scorch  Display Time: 1 to 99.9minutes
Shield Cover: Colored Acrylic
Safety Device: (1) Two-hand Press Start Switch  System  (Needs two hands to lower the cylinder.) (2) Torque Cell Over Torque Prevention Mechanism (400M max.) (3) Overheat Prevention Mechanism (Heater OFF at 220oC or higher)
Communications: RS232C
(1) Power Source: AC100V/220V Single Phase 1.1kVA  (2) Compressed Air 0.45MPa or higher
Environmental: Conditions (1) Temperature: 5 to 40oC (2) Humidity : 35 to 80%RH (No Dew Condensation)
Dimension   & Weight: Approx. 333 (W) × 520 (D) × 780 (H)mm, 105kg
Standard Configuration: (1) Equipment Main Unit 1set (2) Accessories 1set (Control Software, Calibration Kit, Special Tools)


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